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Conflict Resolution Through Mediation

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution that assists individuals in reaching agreements with the help of a neutral and qualified mediator. The goal of mediation is not for one party to win but rather, assisting the parties to reach a middle ground that each can live and be satisfied with. Mediation can take place before initiating a case or once a case has already been filed.

Additionally, parties can choose to attend mediation with or without attorneys. In order to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of mediation, it is important that parties be prepared to attend mediation; meaning—that mediation is the most fruitful when all relevant information has been exchanged between the parties thereby allowing for a global discussion and negotiation of as many relevant matters as possible. Ultimately, mediation is an opportunity for parties to talk and negotiate rather than argue and litigate in Court.

How Can We Help?
Fernanda is a supreme court certified family law mediator. She can assist parties in resolving their family law case by helping them focus on common goals rather than past conflict. By providing creative solutions, Fernanda helps families obtain a fair conclusion to their case that both sides can live with. Fernanda can serve as mediator on cases where parties are represented by attorneys or in circumstances where one or both parties are unrepresented by counsel.

Note: In this setting, Fernanda does not represent either party in her capacity as an attorney nor is she providing legal advice but rather serves as a neutral mediator assisting both parties to reach a resolution that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. To schedule a mediation, please contact our office.


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