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Flat Fee Options

Not all situations and circumstances are the same. Fernanda understands that while some families need extensive assistance to handle and resolve their case, other families only need limited help. For that reason she offers two flat fee options: 
If you and your spouse, partner and/or parent of your child have little to no assets and have already reached an understanding as to all the relevant legal issues of your case, requiring no additional negotiation, then your case qualifies as “uncontested”.
While we can only represent and provide legal advice to one of the parties alone, we will prepare the necessary agreement(s) based upon the mutual understanding of both parties.
If you have a simple, uncontested matter requiring only the preparation of the relevant legal documents to file and proceed to an Uncontested Final Hearing, our office can help on a Flat Fee basis.
Click here to complete our questionnaire to determine whether this option is right for you. Once completed, please upload to our contact form for review. Fernanda will review it to determine if your case is a candidate and get back to you to let you know.

If you are not seeking to hire an attorney to represent you but rather need a licensed professional to answer your questions, and/or assist in completing the necessary paperwork and explain what next steps you must take without hiring her to appear as counsel on your case, this is an option. 

You simply pay for the time spent addressing your questions.

Whether you are seeking to restore your previous name during or after a divorce or if you are requesting a name change unrelated to a dissolution of marriage, our office can assist individuals seeking to initiate this process. Click here to learn more about the legal circumstances for a name change.
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"If you have a simple, uncontested family law matter, our office can help
on a Flat Fee basis."
Fernanda Pedroso, Esq.
Fernanda Pedroso, Esq.
Family Law Attorney

Types of Cases That Can Be Handled Via Uncontested Matters


Litigation can be avoided if both spouses are in mutual agreement about all relevant issues, such as equitable distribution, financial support, and all children’s issues. We can assist in preparing all the relevant documentation to be filed as “uncontested”.


Establishing Paternity does not have to be a battle. If the parents are capable of reaching a mutual understanding regarding parental responsibility, parenting plan and timesharing as well as accept the applicable child support, these cases can be uncontested and filed as such.


If both parties involved acknowledge and accept that a substantial change in circumstance has occurred, justifying a modification of either child support, timesharing/parenting or alimony—then individuals can bypass litigation by reaching modified agreements and submitting their case as an uncontested matter.


Filing a Petition for a Change of Name is automatically an uncontested matter because it does not involve multiple parties, only the individual requesting the change. Therefore there is no risk of litigation and is able to be submitted as an uncontested matter.