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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce promotes cooperation, reducing tension and facilitating healthier post-divorce relationships. This cost-effective method bypasses court battles, involving collaborative problem-solving with professionals to reach mutually beneficial outcomes. It maintains privacy and focuses on creating fair, interest-based agreements.
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Establishment of Paternity

In Florida, when a couple is unmarried and a minor child is born of the relationship, the father must establish his paternity to have legal rights. Along with establishing his paternity, matters such as parental responsibility, timesharing and child support will also be addressed and resolved.
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Modification refers to a legal process through which one party seeks to change or modify a previous court order or agreement related to matters such as child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support (alimony), or other relevant issues.
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Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution that assists individuals in reaching agreements with the help of a neutral and qualified mediator. The goal of mediation is not for one party to win but rather, assisting the parties to reach a middle ground that each can live and be satisfied with. Mediation can take place before initiating a case or once a case has already been filed.
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Pre & Post Nuptials

Pre-nuptial agreements are prepared before marriage, while post-nuptial ones are signed post-wedding. Both aim to safeguard the couple's finances as per their needs. In a divorce, these agreements streamline resolution, having addressed financial issues beforehand.
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Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a legal obligation to provide financial support from one spouse to the other (if the requesting spouse has a financial need and the payor spouse has the financial ability to pay) during the pendency of a divorce cast and/or after the divorce is finalized
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Petition for Name Change

A petition for name change is the legal process through which an individual can seek to change their name. Whether you want to change your own name or the name of a minor child, the petition for name change is the formal request submitted to the court to obtain the desired name change.
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Child Support

Child support in Florida refers to the ongoing financial obligation parents have to provide for the financial needs of their child or children. It is a legal obligation typically determined during divorce, or paternity proceedings and is intended to ensure that children receive the necessary financial support from both parents.
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A peaceful alternative to traditional litigation, the Collaborative Process allows individuals to handle their family law case as a team outside of court.


Cooperative Negotiations

Unlike traditional litigation--settlement negotiations take place outside of the procedural confines and timelines of the Court system.


uncontested matters

Some cases are complex requiring substantial discovery and review, while others are simple and do not need an increased level of investigation.


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