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Divorce requires matters such as support, and distribution of assets & liabilities to be resolved. If there are minor children, you will also need to address timesharing, parental responsibility and child support matters. Our office can assist in facilitating these discussion and reaching an effective and efficient resolution to your case.

In Florida, when a couple is unmarried and a minor child is born of the relationship, the father must establish his paternity to have legal rights. Along with establishing his paternity, matters such as parental responsibility, timesharing and child support will also be addressed and resolved.

In Florida, when a couple is unmarried and a minor child is borne of the relationship, the father must establish his paternity to have legal rights. Along with establishing his paternity, matters such as parental responsibility, timesharing and child support will also be addressed and resolved.

All family law cases can be handled in a collaborative setting. There is no longer a need to initiate a family law case by first filing a petition in Court. Instead, individuals can engage in interest-based negotiations and reach agreements with the help of a team of professionals that will facilitate a mutually beneficial resolution to the case. Cases that can be handled collaboratively include: Divorce, Establishment of Paternity, Modifications of Support, and Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements. 

Pre-nuptial agreements are those that are prepared and executed in anticipation of a marriage taking place. A Post-nuptial agreement is an agreement signed after the couple has already legally married. Regardless of the timing, these agreements are meant to protect the couple and their finances as they deem appropriate for their circumstances. In the event of a divorce, the presence of a pre or postnuptial agreement, should facilitate a resolution as financial matters would have already been addressed and decided within the previously executed agreement.

There are a variety of reasons why an individual may be seeking a name change. Regardless of the reason, Florida requires a detailed petition to be filed to begin the process of changing your name legally. Once the Final Judgment of Name Change is signed by a Judge, you now have ‘permission’ to begin the process of changing your legal name with all relevant Federal and State institutions, such as: Office of Social Security; Bureau of Consular Affairs—Passports; Florida Driver’s License and all other institutions. Our office can assist in the legal aspect of a name change which includes preparing and filing the petition and appearing at a final hearing to obtain the Final Judgment.

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A peaceful alternative to traditional litigation, the Collaborative Process allows individuals to handle their family law case as a team outside of court.


Cooperative Negotiations

Unlike traditional litigation--settlement negotiations take place outside of the procedural confines and timelines of the Court system.


uncontested matters

Some cases are complex requiring substantial discovery and review, while others are simple and do not need an increased level of investigation.



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"Fernanda Pedroso, Esq. is an excellent attorney, also skilled in collaborative family law. What I liked was that her professionalism is enhanced by her ability to do her job in a humane and effective manner. She was always available to answer any questions or address my concerns explicitly."
Eileen W.
"Fernanda Pedroso is truly an amazing family law attorney. Over the past several years, I have witnessed Fernanda’s dedication, compassion and knowledge of family law and I am always impressed by her abilities. She is a wonderful asset to the legal profession and Florida’s families."
Yanae B.
"Fernanda was very professional and knowledgeable but most importantly, she was empathic with my issues. If you are here, you are going through something and getting a lawyer is never an easy decision but with Fernanda I felt understood from the beginning. She is very direct communicating and sets up expectations properly. Her fees are fair and worth every hour. My children, my fiancé and I thank you for your help. Our lives are a lot better because of you. Thank you so much!"
Yandi E.
"Excellent service, professionalism and support through the whole divorce process. Thank you."
Ana S.
"Fernanda handled everything with professionalism and was very responsive and was always easy to reach. Although divorce is not an easy process, she made it look easy to me and I always felt that my needs and interests were properly represented and looked after at all times."
"Fernanda was extremely helpful and easy to work with. She made a very difficult time easier and cares about her clients. I would highly recommend her."
Mike S.
"I have worked with Ms. Pedroso in the past few years at professional and personal level. She is caring, professional and always prepared to help her clients and their families. Would recommend her firm to all my clients."
Rozita R.

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